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We Are All Creative in Our Own Ways

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Back in the late 80s, I was doing a lot of leadership development work at Procter&Gamble. While delivering a creative problem-solving workshop for managers, a critical incident occurred over a coffee break. Two managers had a brief conversation with me and from two opposing perspectives. One expressed great gratitude for the creative problem-solving tool I had just taught, it just fit naturally with the way she already thought, while the other confessed that he found it quite challenging to wrap his mind around that particular tool. Through these interactions, and my knowledge as a psychologist, I realized that all people are hard-wired to engage in creative thinking, but the ways we prefer to engage in such thinking varies.

Through more than 20 years of research and practice my colleagues and I have developed a reliable and valid assessment tool that identifies four fundamental, and characteristically distinct, ways of engaging in creative thinking. This self-assessment tool, called FourSight, identifies individuals’ strength of preference to think like Clarifiers, Ideators, Developers, and Implementers. As an individual, knowing your preferences for these four-fundamental ways of thinking illuminates strengths and blind spots within the universal creative process, improves emotional intelligence, and enhances overall creative performance. In teams, awareness of the FourSight preferences of its members enhances communication, collaboration, and creative problem-solving efforts.


Organizations that have used FourSight®:

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In our consulting work, we are exposed to various tools and instruments. We choose very carefully. The instruments we use have to be practical, insightful and applicable to the real world of work. FourSight exceeds our expectations in each of these areas. People instantly can relate to their problem-solving style and recognize how others attack problems differently. Most importantly, the instrument works with senior leaders and boards of directors as a tool that helps people see first hand what they could be doing differently to better tap the problem solving preferences measured by FourSight.

Anne Birmingham, President of 2Wa Consulting, Inc.

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